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Welcome to the official VLM Virtual Airlines.

We aim to offer you flights with the iconic Fokker 50 to regional airports throughout Europe.

We operate from Antwerp / Deurne Airport (EBAW), Rotterdam/The Hague Airport (EHRD) and London City Airport (EGLC) using the former timetables of VLM Airlines.


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Active departures

Pilot Flight Departure Arrival Flight Time Tail
No Upcoming Departures.

Latest arrivals

Pilot Flight Departure Arrival Flight Time Distance
David Keff VG240 EGLC EHAM 1.15 181
David Keff VG205 EHRD EGLC 1.05 165
David Keff VG214 EGLC EHAM 1.20 181
David Keff VG213 EHAM EGLC 1.20 181
David Keff VO183 EBAW EDDK 1.00 102
Saskia Terbrugge VG202 EGLC EHRD 1.05 165
David Keff VG242 EGJB EHRD 1.50 308
David Keff VG241 EHRD EGJB 2.00 308
David Keff VG258 EDDH EHRD 1.15 225

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